Fuses Honda Passport (2000-2002)

Fuse Layout Honda Passport 2000-2002

Fuses Honda Passport (2000-2002)

Passenger compartment fuse box

Fuse box location

It is located on the driver’s side of the instrument panel, behind the cover.Fuses Honda Passport (2000-2002)

Assignment of the fuses in the Passenger compartment

Amp Protected component
1 20A Accessory power sockets
2 Not Used
3 15A Cigarette lighter
4 15A Dash/parking lights
5 10A Interior lights
6 15A Brake lights, cruise control
7 20A Power door locks
8 10A Mirror defoggers
9 15A Rear window defogger
10 15A Rear window defogger
11 15A Gauges, indicators
12 15A Charging system, fuel injection
13 15A Ignition system
14 15A Turn signals, backup lights
15 15A ABS, 4WD, cruise control
16 20A Windshield wiper/washer
17 10A Rear wiper/washer
18 10A Security and keyless entry
19 15A Audio system
20 20A Starter
21 30A Power windows, moonroof
22 10A SRS
23 Not Used

Engine compartment fuse box

Fuse box location

Fuses Honda Passport (2000-2002)

Assignment of the fuses in the Engine compartment

Amperage Protected component
1 15A Hazard Warning Light
2 10A Horn
3 Not Used
4 20A Blower
5 10A Air conditioner
6 Not Used
7 Not Used
8 10A Headlight; left
9 10A Headlight; right
10 15A Fog lights
11 10A O2 Sensor
12 20A Fuel pump
13 15A ECM
14 Not Used
15 60A Power distribution
16 100A Main
17 60A ABS
18 30A Condenser fan
19 Not Used

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