Fuses and relays Ford KA (1997-2007)

Fuse Layout Ford KA (1997-2007)

Fuses and relays Ford KA (1997-2007)

Fuse Box Location

The fuse box is located behind the cover underneath the instrument panel.Fuses and relays Ford KA (1997-2007)

Fuse Box Diagram

Fuses and relays Ford KA (1997-2007)

Assignment of the fuses and relays in the instrument panel

Amp Circuits protected
1 20A Heated rear window, central locking, heated exterior mirrors
2 10A Interior lamps, instrument panel lighting, clock, radio, data link connector, A/C
3 30A ABS module
4 3A Engine control unit, main relay
5 15A Cigar lighter
6 10A Side lamps left-hand side, instrument panel illumination, lights on warning chime
7 10A Side lamps right-hand side, tail lamps
8 10A Dipped beam left-hand side
9 10A Dipped beam right-hand side
10 10A Main beam left-hand side, main beam indicator
11 10A Main beam right-hand side
12 30A Heater blower motor, recirculation motor
13 15A Lighting control (Headlights, fog lights), brake lamp, back-up lamp
14 30A Power windows
15 20A Lighting control (Headlights, fog lights)
16 15A or 20A Wiper motor, washer pump motor, anti-theft system
17 7.5A or 15A Air conditioning, ignition relay, instrument cluster, central locking, entry illumination (15A);

Ignition relay, instrument cluster, fuel pump relay, electronic engine management (7.5A)

18 10A Airbag module
19 25A Fuel pump, ignition transformer
20 15A Electronic engine management, ABS module, engine cooling fan relay
21 10A or 20A Rear fog lamp (10A);

Rear wiper motor, reversing lamp, air conditioning, heater water valve (20A)

22 10A Turn signals
23 20A Alarm, horn
24 40A Ignition lock
25 30A ABS
26 3A Alternator (from 2003)
27 10A Anti-theft system, rear door opening relay
28 10A Power mirrors
29 10A Rear fog lights
30 10A Engine control unit
31 Not Used
32 15A Sunroof
33 15A Anti-theft system (from 2003)
34 30A Electric fan motor (without A/C)
35 10A Anti-theft system, instrument panel, sunroof
36 3A ABS
R1 Electric fan motor (without A/C) #1
R2 Windscreen wiper (switching modes)
R3 Interior lighting (with central locking)
R4 Fog lights
R5 Ignition
R6 Rear defogger
R7 Start-off switch relay
R8 Headlamps warning buzzer
R9 Headlights (low beam)
R10 Headlights (high beam)
R11 Engine Management System
R12 Fuel pump
R13 A/C
R14 Anti-theft system interrupter, left (with central locking)
R15 Anti-theft system interrupter, right (with central locking)

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