Fuses Citroën E-Méhari (2017-2019..)

The electric off-road compact SUV Citroën E-Méhari is available from 2017 to the present.

Fuse Layout Citroën E-Méhari 2017-2019+

Fuses Citroën E-Méhari (2017-2019..)

Fuses in the passenger compartment

Fuse box location

Remove the nut from the access cover 1 located below the passenger storage compartment.Fuses Citroën E-Méhari (2017-2019..)

Fuse box diagram

Fuses Citroën E-Méhari (2017-2019..)

Assignment of the fuses

Rating Application
F3 7.5A Rear foglamp
F4 10A +12V switched, brake + third brake lamps
F5 20A +12V switched, radio – navigation screen – aerial
F6 7.5A Left-hand brake lamp (GEN1 only)
F7 7.5A Right-hand brake lamp (GEN1 only)
F14 5A +12V switched, front/rear defrosting-cabin fan relay
F15 15A 12V accessory socket
F16 25A Front wiper and screenwash (GEN1 only)
F19 7.5A +12V BAT starting key – dashboard
F20 20A +12V BAT radio – navigation screen – aerial
F35 7.5A +12V switched, switch illumination – diagnostic socket
F36 5A +12V switched, IER telemetry box
F37 5A +12V switched, navigation screen – radio
F38 5A +12V BAT cabin UCE (BCM) – drive selector
FA 10A Spare fuse
FB 15A Spare fuse
FC 20A Spare fuse
FD 20A Spare fuse
FE 25A Spare fuse
FF 7.5A Spare fuse

Video to the article

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fuses and relays Citroën E-Méhari (2017-2019..)

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